NBA: Video: Unstoppable Bernard King: Mr. Smooth of the NBA

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Bernard King was so smooth, his game just looked so easy with all the ways he had to score. In that sense he reminds me of Clyde Drexler, but Bernard was more than a scorer. Someone who was very good on the boards, a solid defender who also made his teammates better. And I can only imagine how good the New York Knicks would’ve been had he not of broken his knee in 1985. And the Knicks had Bernard in the prime of his career with center Patrick Ewing. Because the Knicks would’ve been a championship contender earlier and perhaps won it all with those two.

Bernard King was a true natural scorer. Someone who could score in multiple ways and always looking for a way to get the ball in the bucket. And if not from him, then get the ball to his teammate that had the best chance of scoring. He had a great jump shot, one of the smoothest jump shots in NBA history. With the ability to handle the ball, an excellent post game, especially when defenses tried covering him with smaller or bigger men. And ran the floor real well and scored off the break.

The toughest players to defend in basketball, are not just guys who can drive and get to the bucket and look like they can’t be covered. But are the player who are triple threats, which I know is a cliché. But players who can handle the ball, post up and shoot. Players like that are very difficult to defend because you have to cover them everywhere. And be on alert for that player to do anything with the basketball. That was Bernard King and again without the knee injury, we are talking about probably a top ten scorer in the history of the NBA.

King of Smooth

King of Smooth

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