Tom Woods: Video: War: Big Government’s Best Friend


War is big governments best friend. Because it gives Statists the ultimate excuse to limit individuals freedom. Because they can say, “look we are at war and we have to limit your freedom for your own good and for the country’s own good. So we can track down people who are working for the enemy. And we can see whose speaking for the other side. Who are the patriots and the traitors.” Which is an excuse that Authoritarians use in the Middle East like in Egypt and Syria. Instead of Neoconservatives saying that the 1960s, especially the Baby Boom Generation have ruined America especially in traditional America. Which they do anyway, they can appeal to America’s patriotic sense and roots. And say, “we’re at war and will always be at war until the enemy is defeated. And because of this, individual freedom, especially personal freedom needs to be limited. So we stamp out the enemy and separate the real Americans from the American traitors.”
Tom Woods

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