NFL: NFL 1993-AFC Divisional-Kansas City Chiefs @ Houston Oilers: Full Game

1993 AFC Divisional_ Montana Upsets the Oilers _ Chiefs vs_ Oilers _ NFL

Source:NFL– Joe Montana vs Warren Moon: 1993 NFL-AFC Divisional 

Source:The Daily Post

“In honor of Free Game Friday the NFL presents Joe Montana’s upset of the Houston Oilers!

8:45 Al Del Greco 49-yard Field Goal

25:30 Gary Brown 2-yard TD Run

54:50 Warren Moon Strip Sacked, Chiefs recover

1:16:52 Montana 7-yard TD Pass

1:47:38 Al Del Greco 43-yard Field Goal

1:52:02 Montana 11-yard TD Pass

1:55:23 Derrick Thomas Strip Sacks Warren Moon

1:57:39 Montana 18-yard TD Pass

2:06:56 Warren Moon 7-yard TD Pass

2:15:31 Marcus Allen 21-yard TD Run

2:20:35 Chiefs Seal Win with 4th Down Stop”

The 1993 Houston Oilers cruised into the playoffs on the back of an 11 game winning streak to claim home field advantage, making them impeccable favorites over the Chiefs. However, Houston quickly found they had a problem: the Chiefs passing attack led by Joe Montana, who threw 3 touchdown passes in the second half to vanquish the Oilers.

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The two best teams in the NFL in 1993 were the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Oilers. And yet only the Cowboys made it to the NFL Final Four, which is the four conference finals teams, the NFC Final and AFC Final. The Oilers didn’t even get to the AFC Final and as a result we didn’t get to see the Texas Bowl as part of the Super Bowl in 1993 between the Cowboys and Oilers.

As good as the Oilers were on both sides of the ball in 1993 and perhaps even better than the Cowboys at least in the regular season, if you want to be a great team you have to get it done in the playoffs. To be a great team you have to do more than get a first round bye and have the best record in your conference. You have to win in the playoffs and at the very least you have to get to your conference final.

Great NFL teams don’t lose in the divisional round of the playoffs. They play for Super Bowls and win Super Bowls and the Oilers under Jack Pardee and Buddy Ryan and even Kevin Gilbride were out coached by Marty Shottenheimer and his Chiefs coaching staff.

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