The Maddow Blog: Rachel Maddow: Montana U.S. Senator Jon Tester Backs Marriage Equality

Jon Tester
The Maddow Blog: Rachel Maddow: Montana U.S. Senator Jon Tester Backs Marriage Equality

I use to think that the Democratic Party was made up of Liberals such as myself, Progressive-Socialists, or Social-Democrats, like Rachel Maddow to use as an example and people I would call Moderate-Liberals. The Hillary Clinton’s of the party, who probably in their heart are pretty liberal. But are afraid that if so-called Independents knew how liberal they were, that would cost them support. So they are kinda closet Liberals if that makes any sense. “Look, we are with you and just can’t let the whole world know about it.” Gay marriage should be a no-brainer for anyone on the left, or even center-right. Because it gets down to do you believe all Americans should be treated equally under law based on how they conduct themselves in society and so-fourth. Not what they do in their personal lives. We obviously don’t treat criminals as equally as law-biding people, but should all Americans be treated equally under law based on how they carry themselves, or not.

Should straits be given special treatment under law just for being strait over gays, or not. Thats the bottom line and what the whole gay marriage debate is about. I still believe that the Democratic Party is a party of Liberals and Progressive-Socialists or Social Democrats. The question is where does the other faction of the party fit in, how should they be labeled. How do you label someone who by in large look like Democrats politically, but likes to play it safe on key social issues. I’m not playing mind-reader or anything, but if I had to guess Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton didn’t have a problem with gay marriage four years ago. And perhaps even longer than that. These so-called evolutions on the issue is a political evolution and not a philosophical evolution.

Personally, I bet gay marriage hasn’t been a problem for these safe Democrats for a while. But officially they’ve played it safe. Until they knew they wouldn’t get hurt by being in favor of gay marriage, or needed to be in favor of it. Like in the case of President Obama and Secretary Clinton in order to win further political support. Thats not being a leader, but playing it safe and playing follow the leader. Maybe the term for Democrats who don’t like to take stands and standout and go out on a limb even when its the right thing to do, should be Safe-Democrats. Democrats who play it safe until they have to take a stand and that’s when they show their true liberal democratic credentials. Which is why even though I love being a Democrat and love the Democratic Party, I’m not here to say that we have all the Saints and we are perfect. Because have our own flaws as well.

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