WBAL-TV: Video: Sunday Q&A With Peter Franchot

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Financial disclosure is always a good thing, as long as its enforceable, so we know how our tax dollars are spent. And how our public officials and candidates raise their money and who finances their campaigns. Government disclosure is also a good thing which is what I believe Comptroller Peter Franchot was talking about in this interview. That he didn’t like how the Maryland Assembly passed the gambling expansion in Maryland.

But a good way to not have to tax and borrow so much money and run up debt, is through new economic development and job growth. Maryland casinos is a big part of that and marijuana legalization in Maryland which I believe will be in the near future after decriminalization which is also coming up, is a big part of that. And would allow for Maryland to pay down its debt with new tax revenue from the new economic growth and development.
Peter Franchot

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