Los Angeles Times: Staff: What Would Mitt Romney Cut? Overheard Conversation Holds Clues: Mitt Will Tell us if He’s Elected

What Would Mitt Romney Cut?

What Would Mitt Romney Cut?

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Los Angeles Times; Staff: What Would Mitt Romney Cut? A Overheard Conversation Holds Clues

If you want to be a strong Leader, you have a vision of where you want to take the country and have a feel where you want to take the country and believe you are right. And can explain and back up why you believe you’re right. Then you should tell everyone else that as well. Especially people who are considering voting for you. Any politician can say “I’ll tell you my plans once I’m elected”. But voters deserve to know why they should vote for you instead. Blind-voting is not healthy for democracy. We should be educated about the people we consider for high office.

Voters want to know why they are voting for someone. What they believe in, what they are for. Because they don’t have to vote for you, they can vote for your opponent instead. This has been my major disappointment with President Obama. Who so far in a lot of areas has taken the approach of “let others work it out and I’ll come in and save the day when they fail”. If candidates believe so strongly in what they are proposing, they should have the, well guts to keep this clean and be able to explain why they are proposing what they are proposing.

Instead of telling voters, that is if they are on truth serum, “ask me what I’m in favor of once I’m elected. And if you are in favor of it, I’ll tell you”. The differences between governing and campaigning, is once you’re actually in office, you’re held accountable for the decisions you make. Whereas when you’re campaigning, you can theoretically say anything and promise just about anything. Knowing you don’t have to live up to anything you said and promise. And will probably be able to explain why you’re changing course once you’re in office.

A politician can say, “the situation has changed and we must change course to respond to the new, circumstances effectively”. Or in Rick Perry’s case, “I was drunk when I originally took those positions and now that I’m somewhat sober, I know I was wrong and feel the need to change those positions”. Or in Michelle Bachmann’s case, “I was off my medication when I took those positions”. Well actually Michelle is still off her medication, but hopefully she’ll be back on it when this Congress is over and head back home to the institution.

But what strong leaders do, especially executives, whether you agree with what they did or not, is lay out where they want to take the country. And once they are in office, stick with that. Put their agenda through or most of it. Whether you like President George W. Bush or not and I voted against him twice and still celebrate both of those votes annually. And if anything I’ve become more religious since he’s left the White House. Because I thank God he’s no longer President everyday. But at least you knew what he believed in. He was just wrong most of the time and didn’t understand that.

With Mitt Romney depending on which Mitt is speaking, moderate Mitt, Neoconservative Mitt, Religious-Conservative Mitt or establishment Mitt, it is “ask me when I’m in office and then maybe I’ll tell you if I believe I need your support in the next election”. So what the media does instead to try to find out his positions is talk to people he’s talked to and analyze his policies that he puts up on his campaign site. And analyze them for themselves, because he can’t or won’t explain what his own policies would do. And America deserves better leadership than that.

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