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Reason: Hit and Run- Ed Krayewski: Are You Ready For President Joe Biden?

Source: Reason: Hit & Run- Ed Krayewski: Are You Ready for President Joe Biden? There’s a reason that even though Joe Biden isn’t mentioned as a strong contender to Hillary Clinton in 2016 for president. Even though he’s Vice President of … Continue reading

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Gerald R. Ford Library: Video: Nelson Rockefeller Swearing in Ceremony as Vice President of the United States, From December 19, 1974

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger I’m not sure we’ve ever had a more qualified nominee for Vice President of the United States. And you might be thinking, “that is not saying much”, (and perhaps … Continue reading

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Commentary Magazine: Opinion: Jonathan S. Tobin: In Defense of the Vice Presidency

IN DEFENSE OF THE VICE PRESIDENCY « COMMENTARY MAGAZINECOMMENTARYMAGAZINE.COM Oval Office It’s rare that I agree with anything written from Commentary Magazine other than their takes on the state of the current Republican Party. But Jonathan S. Tobin makes great … Continue reading

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