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Andrew Yezen: FNC Special Report- Kirsten Powers: ‘Charles Krauthammer Knows He’s a Neoconservative’

.Source:The New Democrat  “Kirsten Powers: Charles Krauthammer knows he’s a Neocon. Sign the petition to arrest Marxist collaborator Marco Rubio at:MofoPolitics.com.” From Andrew Yezen I first came across Kirsten Powers who was once a columnist for The Daily Beast and political … Continue reading

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National Review: Video: FNC’s Special Report: Charles Krauthammer: “For God’s Sake, Why Do You Have to Talk About That?”

. This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger The easiest way for Republicans to lose the 2014 mid-terms and that would be for them to fail to win back the U.S. Senate and give Republicans a … Continue reading

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