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The National Interest: Opinion- Christopher A. Preble- Expecting More from Our Allies: Why U.S. Foreign Policy Needs a Reboot

Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat You can’t be both a Neoconservative who wants America to police the world mostly if not completely by ourselves and be a fiscal Conservative who puts real limits on what … Continue reading

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Clinton Library: Video: President Bill Clinton’s 58th Press Conference

President Bill Clinton’s 58th press conference covering mostly foreign policy especially relating to China and Korea. The situation going on in between the North and South in Korea and what is called MFN or Most Favored Nation trading status with … Continue reading

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Public Resource-Longines Chronoscope: Dr. Norman Thomas From 1952- Democratic Socialist Foreign Policy

This piece was originally posted at FRS FreeStates Plus What I respect about Norman Thomas even though he was a Socialist and we probably agree on almost nothing as it relates to economic policy, is that he was a real … Continue reading

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