Bite Sized History: Governor Nelson Rockefeller- Addresses The 1964 RNC

Bite Sized History_ Governor Nelson Rockefeller- Addresses The 1964 RNCSource:Bite Sized History– I guess people that Governor Nelson Rockefeller would call extremists in the Republican Party, in 1964.

Source:The New Democrat

“Nelson Rockefeller denounces Republican “extremists” at the 1964 Republican National Convention. Nelson Rockefeller denounces Republican “extremists” at the 1964 Republican National Convention.”

From Bite Sized History

Just on a personal not first: if the Republican Party today was made up of Nelson Rockefeller and Dwight Eisenhower Progressive Republicans (yes, Progressive Republican is not an Oxymoron) and Barry Goldwater Conservative Libertarians, instead of the Christian-Protestant-Nationalist cult and all of their escaped mental patients that they got going on in what was once the Grand Ole Party, I could probably be a Republican today. I would probably be more liberal than they are on social issues and it might take a real socialist takeover of the Democratic Party for me to do that, but I could see me making that move.

As far as Nelson Rockefeller’s speech at the 1964 Republican National Convention: Barry Goldwater and his Conservative-Libertarians (they probably weren’t called Conservative-Libertarians back then) took over the Republican Party that year and nominated Senator Goldwater, instead of a Progressive Republican like a Nelson Rockefeller or a Governor George Romney from Michigan. The people that Governor Rockefeller was calling extremists in the Republican Party, were the Goldwater Conservatives: Constitutional-Conservative-Libertarians.

The Republican Party under President Dwight Eisenhower in the 1950s, was essentially a Progressive Republican Party that believed in civil rights, equal rights and justice, public infrastructure, a public safety net for people who truly needed it to help the less-fortunate get on their feet, etc.

But the GOP also had a conservative-libertarian faction in it in the 1950s led by Senator Goldwater and others. By the 1960s, the Republican Party is out-of-power all together at the national level and Governor Rockefeller comes in and wants to take the Progressive Republican mantle from President Eisenhower and lead the Republicans back to power. But Goldwater and his Conservative-Libertarians obviously had other ideas.

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