Politics and Prose: Sarah Huritz- Interviewing Meredith Fineman: ‘Brag Better’

Meredith Fineman, _Brag Better_ (with Sarah Hurwitz)

Source:Politics and Prose– Author Meredith Fineman at Politics and Prose.

“Do you do a lot of hard work that goes unnoticed? Do you find it difficult to talk about yourself and your accomplishments?

If speaking up for yourself and those around you makes you nervous, you are not alone. Professional development expert Meredith Fineman, founder and CEO of a leadership development and career counseling company, has worked with, trained, and spoken to thousands of people who struggle to communicate their worth to others. Her surefire and anxiety-proof strategies have helped her clients effectively communicate their achievements and skillsets to others — by learning to “brag better.”

From Politics and Prose

I guess I would start this off by saying that if you don’t speak up for yourself, you don’t like yourself, you don’t respect yourself, don’t expect anyone to do those things for you.

There’s such a thing as people liking themselves too much and having too much self-worth and self-confidence: name any dictator in the world that you want and that person probably loves themself too much and have too much self-confidence.

But then there are people who don’t like themselves that much, because they don’t have self-confidence and perhaps don’t deserve to have those things as individuals: career criminals come to mind who are always on the run and are always getting caught and are just trying to survive each day.

But then there are people who are very talented and have a lot of worth and ability, but perhaps don’t know that. Athletes who become underachievers because they don’t know how good they are and in many cases don’t do the work as well and don’t pan out.

But most people not just have jobs, but have bosses as well who have at least some influence and authority in how much their employees are getting paid and being compensated and if their workers don’t put in the work and don’t make the case for their good work and their self-worth to the company they work for, how are they supposed to move up in the company and be successful if they don’t believe they’re excellent employees who bring a lot of value to the company that they work for?

The great NBA basketball player Charles Barkley was once quoted in saying: “Its not bragging if you can back it up.” It was true when he said when I believe he was still playing for the Philadelphia 76ers and it’s still true today.

Not calling for people to constantly try to put others down and claim that they’re better than anyone else around them: I’m more in the camp of letting your actions speak louder than your words. But don’t let people walk over you and let less qualified people do better and move up faster in life, simply because you fail to speak for yourself and advocate for your own position in life.

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