George Carlin: Racism

George Carlin - _Racism_

Source:Deep Hauz– Comedian George Carlin on soft language.

“About 15 years ago, George Carlin gave us a list of trigger words that today would send SJW’s to their safe spaces with their pizza parties.”

From Deep Hauz

I guess I agree George Carlin that it’s not the words themselves and that there’s nothing wrong with any word at all, but how those words are used and the context that they’re used and to a certain extent the person (regardless of their race or ethnicity) that’s using the word. And more about that person’s character that’s using the word or words.

I’m not just not in the habit of using I guess slurs against people other ethnicities and races, but I don’t think who does use those words against other people should be arrested or sued for using those words, but instead be singled out as being the assholes that they are.

American assholes who are so stupid in America (which is the Major Leagues when it comes to stupidity) that they judge people by their race and ethnicity. Because they’re brain is so lazy and full of shit that they won’t put in the time to actually try to know people for who they are and instead just single out someone with a different complexion and hair as automatically being inferior and as subhuman simply because they’re from another race or ethnicity.

Another problem with racism and bigotry being used as an issue in America, is that not everything that’s singled out as racism or bigotry in America, is actually racism or bigotry. And people get labeled as racists or bigots in America simply to shut those people up.

It’s not often that I agree with Representative Matt Gaetz on anything. Representative Gaetz just happens to be Chairman of the Donald Trump Ass-Kissers of America, (no, not officially) and perhaps the President’s biggest ass-kisser in Congress, but on Tuesday when he gave a speech about police reform he got into talking about what’s called white ,male privilege in America and he said: “Rep. Matt Gaetz: “Some might call that ‘male privilege or ‘white privilege.’ You know what? Those terms are just racist terms to try to tell people to shut up, and we’re done being quiet.” And he’s damn right about that. (From The Hill Newspaper)

We have hipsters and yuppies in America who claim to be social justice warriors who will argue that America is some racist, bigoted, materialistic society. And will argue that from their Manhattan lofts and swanky apartments or perhaps out in San Francisco or Los Angeles, over a glass of imported French wine, while eating their imported cheese or drinking their imported coffee that perhaps only the 1% in America can afford to have and even know about.

People who say that racism and bigotry are serious issues in America, but only talk about these so-called social justice issues in America after some horrible tragedy like a man being murdered simply because the cop didn’t like his race, aren’t social justice warriors, but they’re profiteers trying to sell their books, articles, movies, documentaries, talk shows, etc, at the expense of people who actually have to live with racism being used against them.

And they post their so-called social justice images on social media and take pictures of themselves at these events simply because they want to be seen as down with the cause. But after the latest so-called crisis dies down you don’t hear or see another damn thing from them about these issues until the next so-called crisis or tragedy breaks out.

And another thing about racism in America: people who say that racism is a big problem in America, shouldn’t be using racism themselves. Assuming (which is not as safe assumption) that they want to be heard or taken seriously by people who don’t already agree with them and are actually interested in solving the problem that they claim to care about.

When people talk about racism, they should be proposing solutions to actually solve the problem. Real solutions that can bring a solid majority of Americans behind them. Instead of trying to blame one race of Americans for every single problem that every other racial group has to go through in America. Again, assuming that they actually want to solve the problem that they claim to care about and not just talk amongst themselves and try to profit off of a real problem in America. Which I know is not a safe assumption.

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