Murray Rothbeard: Ross Perot- ‘Was The Original Donald Trump’

Ross Perot was the original Donald Trump

Source:BBC– One of Ross Perot’s candid quotes

Source:The New Democrat 

“How did the media Discredit Ross Perot? What tools did they use?
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Source:Murray Rothbeard: Ross Perot- ‘Was The Original Donald Trump’

Ross Perot Was The Original Donald Trump - Google Search

Source:BBC– “Democrat Bill Clinton (L), Independent Ross Perot (C) and President George H.W. Bush”

I realize this guy on YouTube is not the best source ( and perhaps not even a credible source to talk about Ross Perot ) but I heard this comparison between Perot and Donald Trump last week and I just feel the need to correct the record on it.

Ross Perot, was a serious, very intelligent man both as it related to business and not just one of the original new-tech leaders, but innovators when it came to new technology with his computer company.

The only time Donald Trump has ever made any real money on his own in his life ( without screwing other people out of their money ) is with his reality TV career that started 15 years ago. We’re talking about a man who went bankrupt multiple times both with his business, as well as personally, to the point that back in the early and mid 90s he was borrowing money from his successful brother, to pay his personal bills. Back then he was going through both a bankruptcy and second divorce and couldn’t pay his own bills, let alone run his own business.

What Perot and Trump have in common is that trade was a major part of their presidential campaigns. And it’s an issue that they both seem to understand pretty well.

But Ross Perot in 92, was running on fixing the debt and balancing the budget with a serious plan to do both.

Donald Trump, is the self-proclaimed King of Debt and for good reasons: his personal and business bankruptcies and thanks to his borrow and spend, supply side fiscal policy that assumes his trillion-dollar tax cut ( mostly for wealthy investors and business ) is going to pay for itself, ( even though there is no real evidence of that ) America is going run a trillion-dollar budget deficit for the first time since 2013 again. Remember, President Barack Obama, inherited a trillion-dollar deficit and got that cut in half during his eight years as President. President Trump, is about to double the Obama deficit.

Ross Perot, wad a good, funny, charming, intelligent, successful man who not only knew how to work with others, was good at it and perhaps even enjoyed working with other people. Donald Trump, believes that anyone who disagrees with him on anything, not only hates him, but hates America and therefor is Un-American. Who doesn’t even read his own intelligence reports or believe them that were prepared by his own National Security Council that he personally appointed. Does he ever read anything that he didn’t personally write, or that’s not one of his speeches?

Ross Perot, in 1992 and 96 was talking about a red, white, and blue America and bringing all Americans together. Donald Trump and just look at this week apparently believes that ethnic and racial minorities are Un-American and shouldn’t be American citizens. At least minority women in the House of Representatives.

So sure, Ross Perot and Donald Trump are both outsiders who took on the political establishment in America and made very successful runs at the presidency, with The Donald even winning his election. And they were both suspicious of free trade. But that’s really all that they have in common. We don’t even know for sure if President Trump was ever a billionaire or is currently a billionaire and might only be worth a 10th of what he claims, because of all of his business and personal debt. And as a result they really shouldn’t be compared with each other at all.

When you think of Ross Perot, you should look at Representative John Anderson who made a successful Independent run for President in 1980. And look at Neo-Confederate Governor George Wallace, if you want to compare another major presidential candidate with Donald Trump.

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