AlterNet: Opinion- Bob Hennelly: ‘Watching Reality Luxury TV Is Killing America’s Economic Drive & Maybe Its Soul’


Source: AlterNet– Keeping up with the Kardashian’s on the i-phone 

Source: The New Democrat

In the last 15-20 years or so with Generation X full coming of age and now with the Millennials coming of age as well, we’re seeing less religion and church going in America ( except deep in the Bible Belt where that’s all they have, it seems ) but more emphasis on economic wealth and becoming successful and wealthy, and famous in America.

Except for Millennials, who seem to believe that they’re entitled to live in their parents basements or off of government. In that generation the people who aren’t driven to be the next “OMG reality TV pop star with their own reality show and entourage” are driven to move America to Scandinavia and building a socialist welfare state so big that no one would have to work in America. The two biggest social movements in America, are celebrity/reality TV obsession and socialism.

And in some cases Millennials try to combine both social movements. The Millennials who claim to hate American capitalism, personal freedom and choice, free speech the most, are the Americans who take full advantage of those American liberal values the most. Who are always up to date on the latest fashion trends and always have those things as far as clothes, new technology, lingo, while using those tools to bash what they claim to hate about America which is American capitalism, personal freedom, and free speech.

Apparently unaware because their i-phone didn’t teach them this that American capitalism, personal freedom, our individualism is what created those fashionable items and products that they claim to love and can’t live without. People who claim that eating meat is somehow animal cruelty, tend to be people who wear leather jackets and denim jeans, boots wherever they go and generally wear leather, denim, and boots together apparently unaware it’s animals that gave us those fashion trends and what those fashion staples are made from. You ever heard of lambskin, snakeskin, which is where leather jackets and boots come from.

And since we’ve become a country not all of us, I’m sure as hell not none of those people and I still love individualism, personal freedom, etc, but we’re coming a nation where thinking and individualism, learning about things that have nothing to do with the latest celebrity or smartphone, has become unfashionable. Even things like human decency have become unfashionable. The biggest asshole whether they’re a professional celebrity or not will have the most the most followers on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, whatever social network that you prefer will be the most popular on your social network of choice. Or a new technology developer, or the latest so-called reality TV star, not people who get people to think and to learn, because thinking for yourself, learning, human decency are “like so old school” with a lot of young people in America today.

Some of the most financially wealthy and successful people in America, are also some of the dumbest and least talented. Seriously, where would Paris Hilton and Khloe Kardashian be today without their wealthy father’s? If not waiting on or cleaning tables, sleeping with wealthy men to pay their bills. With their current educational levels, that’s what they would have to do in order to survive in America if their father’s were truck drivers and their mother’s were teachers. And I’m sure there’s a list of dumb untalented male celebrities as well, but you get the point. If you come off as dumb, but say things that become pop catch phrases, are a little wild at least and have a dirty mouth and know how to use it, you’ll be famous and wealthy in America. While responsible intelligent people who got themselves a good education, spend their lives working very hard and have to be very productive to live well in America.


Source: Alux: Top 10 Richest Reality TV Stars With Salaries– O.M.G, they’re, awesome!!! LOL 

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