What Show R U Watching: ‘The Facts of Life- Blair Warner Tribute: Perfect Isn’t Easy’


Source: What Show R U Watching– Blair & Jo, on The Facts of Life.

Source:The New Democrat

“Blair Warner Tribute ✰ Perfect Isn’t Easy”

From What Show Are You Watching

Blair Warner ( played by Lisa Whelchel ) on her gorgeous, adorable baby-face, comes off as someone who looks down on people who drive Mercedes instead of Rolls Royces and owns one vacation home, instead of at least two, as people who are poor. As a very snobby, self-centered, narcissistic person, who looks down at middle class and even upper middle class people which is most of the students at the Eastland School where all these girls went. And that for anyone at this school or who comes across there, that it’s their honor to just be in her presence. But if you’re familiar with the cliches you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, or appearances can be deceiving, you know those cliches could’ve been written for Blair Warner.


Source: Zeta Boards– Lisa Whelchel, as Blair Warner on The Facts of Life

All the snobby, selfish, self-centered, narcissistic characteristics about Blair Warner, are true. Except for perhaps the selfish characteristic. If you’re familiar with The Facts of Life, you know that Blair is a very caring and feeling person, who would’ve given her right arm to save Jo Polniaczek ( her arch-rival on the show ) and if you watch these two characters on that show, you might get the slight impression that they hate each other.

Especially Jo ( played by Nancy McKeon ) because Blair represents everything that Jo hates, because Blair wasn’t born with a silver spoon, but with a collection of silver spoons for each vacation home that the Warner Family owns. And has been given everything that she’s ever wanted materialistically, while Joe comes from a broken home with her father being in prison and her mother working 2-3 jobs just to able to support herself and her daughter.

On the surface, Blair Warner looks like a goddess princess, perhaps the Queen of the Goddesses from Paradise World, who couldn’t do anything wrong even if she tried or even wanted to and yet is a very adorable sweetheart who is always interested in what people around her are going through and tries to help others whenever she can and perhaps even especially Joe, even though they seem to hate each other on the show.

And yet Blair goes through the same issues that middle class and even upper middle class teenagers go through. Including self-doubt and knowing if they’re good enough. Her parents get divorced on the show and her parents send her to Eastland at least partially to get away from her. Her father rarely if ever visits her on the show. Her mother seems more interested in starting a new life, than visiting her daughter at Eastland. Blair gets caught plagiarizing a poem, things that happen to middle class students and people struggling just to get by in school all the time. Blair seems to be perfect and yet is never able to find that one guy on this show even while they’re in and out of college.

Blair goes through experiences that most if not all teenagers perhaps especially girls go through, in their adolescence. Things that happen to middle class kids all the time and yet Blair with her background and ability to get just about anything that she ever wants at any given time, goes through the same struggles and pains that everyone else goes through and is in need of the name support system that we all need. Which are people around us to support us when we’re going through the rough waters of life not sure if we’re going to make it through or not.

Blair Warner is my favorite character on The Facts of Life, not because she comes from a wealthy family and seems perfect on the outside. Yes, she’s this gorgeous, baby-face adorable princess, with the personality and body to match and if anything is overly adorable and comes off as a little girl in many cases and if you look at Lisa Whelchel 30-40 years later today, she doesn’t look much if any older. She still has that gorgeous baby-face and can still come off as a big little girl. But what I really love about this character is that she’s real and honest. There’s a real person and human inside of that goddess appearance that goes through the same struggles that almost every other middle class American goes through, especially when they’re growing up.

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