Sean Hannity: Dr. Qanta Ahmed- Here’s What Life Under Sharia Law Is Like For A Woman

Sharia Law

Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat: Sean Hannity: Dr. Qanta Ahmed- Here’s What Life Under Sharia Law Is Like For A Woman

For the life of me I don’t understand why so-called Progressives today stand up for Sharia Law, or at the very least do not speak out against it and instead label Liberals when we speak out against it and even speak the truth about as bigots. How is Sharia Law any better than the Christian-Right in America. Where in the Bible Belt can women not vote, drive a car, not be able to travel without a male chaperone, have to cover their faces and completely cover their bodies when put in public, not even allowed to swim, risk death if they’re caught committing adultery. Where in the Bible Belt can gays be put to death by their government simply for being gay? I’m not a fan of the Christian-Right obviously. At the very least they’re stuck in a world that no longer exists and are authoritarian bigots as well.

As Richard Dawkins said on Bill Maher back in October, ‘if Islamism and Sharia Law is part of the Islamists as today’s so-called Progressives have claimed, then the hell with their culture.’ What is progressive about treating women and gays like second-class citizens and even slaves. This is authoritarianism at its worst and to a certain extent even makes Marxism and Christian Conservatism, look moderate at best. At one point I didn’t think that was ever possible with how authoritarian both of those ideologies are especially when it comes to individuality and expression. Anyone who calls them self a Liberal, Progressive, or Feminist, should hate Sharia Law. Because it goes against everything that you at least say you are in favor of. Being a Liberal, Progressive, or Feminist.

Everyone on the Left especially people who are either Atheists, or my case Agnostic, should not just hate Sharia Law, but speak out against it. And stand up for minority rights, gays and women in these countries that live under Sharia Law. Like the Islāmic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Islāmic Republic of Iran, just to use as two examples. And not call people bigots simply speaking the truth against a non-Christian religion where the members of it are overwhelmingly non-Caucasian and especially non-Anglo Saxon. In the name of political correctness, because you have some Far-Left Utopian notion that minorities including religious minorities, have some right to never be criticized and offended about anything.

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