Bob Parker: ‘Watergate: 784 Days That Changed America’

Watergate 784 Days that Changed America Part 1

Source:Bob Parker– Former White House Chief Counsel John Dean, testifying in front of the Senate Watergate Committee, in 1973.

“Watergate 784 Days that Changed America”

From Bob Parker

Lets say the Watergate burglary was exactly that, or perhaps was done by people who were really loyal to the Nixon campaign, but not connected to the campaign in any way and never had been connected to the campaign in any way, this would’ve been nothing more than a Washington police story reported by the Washington local media.

But the thing is Watergate became a wall holding back a river of water and when the Watergate scandal broke everything that the Nixon White House was covering up also broke. Watergate was the key to opening up every illegal operation that the Nixon White House was involved in.

As bad as covering up the Watergate scandal that the White House was involved in, it was single A minor league baseball compared to what the White House was doing. The illegal break ins, planting false information on their political opponents, which is what they did to George McGovern presidential campaign, as well as the George Wallace presidential campaign. The plumbers unit itself, the White House intelligence unit that pulled off a lot of the break ins was illegal because it hadn’t been sanctioned by law.

Were there past president’s that had been involved in illegal activities and using their agencies to interfere and abuse their political opponents, I’m sure there were. But those president’s didn’t have a Watergate and had the judgement to not let scandals get out of hand and not cover them up.

They didn’t have a Watergate and they didn’t cover up a Watergate. Without Watergate, we may still not know today about the illegal activities that the Nixon White House was involved in. Third-rate burglary, sure but still one of the most important stories and scandals in American history.

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4 Responses to Bob Parker: ‘Watergate: 784 Days That Changed America’

  1. Paul Haider says:

    The Paranoid Personality Disorder experienced by Tricky Dick Nixon was precipitated by the insecurities of his childhood and adolescence; the man was never right in the head, and he would have benefited from a lot of psychotherapy. However, the Paranoid Personality Disorder of Dick Nixon is still preferable to either the Antisocial Personality Disorder of Dickhead Cheney or the Borderline Intellectual Functioning of George W. Bush. How in the hell did these psychologically damaged Repugnantcans ever get elected?

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