Iron Cup Shrug: Point Blank (1967) Lee Marvin vs. Angie Dickinson

Lee Marvin

Source:Iron Cup Shrug– Lee Marvin as Walker, in Point Blank.

“While physically outmatched, Angie proves to have a canny tactical mind.”

From Iron Cup Shrug

“POINT BLANK 1967 MGM film with Lee Marvin and Angie Dickinson
Captions are provided by our contributors.”

Lee Marvin vs Angie Dickinson - Point Blank

Source:Alamy Stock Photo– Angie Dickinson vs Lee Marvin, in Point Blank.

From Alamy.

One of my favorite scenes in this movie and because it was Lee Marvin with Angie Dickinson. And I’m a huge fan of this movie, which I’ve hoped I’ve already made clear by now, otherwise I’ve done a horrible job.

Angie Dickinson is a big reason why I love this movie and why I saw it in the first place. She’s not just a gorgeous, sexy baby-face woman, one of the top Hollywood goddess’ of all-time, but she’s also a hell of an actress with a great, sweet, sexy voice, that would make reading from a dishwasher manual or a phonebook sound interesting, simply because’s she’s reading from it.

Here in this scene, Angie is one on one with Lee Marvin. And he brings her up to this place, really for her own security. Probably more likely, because he wants to keep an eye on her. But she thinks he has more honest and romantic intentions and that perhaps this house is their weekend getaway or something. But he makes it clear that is isn’t and she goes ballistic and goes off on him. Well, she tries to anyway and slaps the hell out of him on his chest.

But Walker being the stone-cold criminal that he is, isn’t phased in the least by it. And basically just looks at her like: “what the hell is she doing” or something. And this is simply a great scene.

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