Tab Sam: Video: Real Time With Bill Maher: New Rules, Michelle Bachmann and The Devil


The only devil I know of plays hockey in Newark, New Jersey. Except there isn’t one of them, but like twenty-five of them. Perhaps someone should let the local authorities or the FBI know about them. We’ve certainly had devils on this planet. Adolph Hitler, Joe Stalin, Saddam Hussein come to mind real fast, but I can’t obviously say I’ve seen The Devil at any place in time. And you can call me a liberal all you want and I’ll more than happily consider it a compliment and honor. But I base what I see and believe, based on what I see. The real evidence at hand. Which is what being a liberal is about when it comes to ideology.

I agree with Bill Maher, that if you believe the world is going to end next year, than you shouldn’t be allowed to vote on things that are going to occur when you believe the world will end. Especially small things like, gee I don’t know the national budget for the U.S. Government, which is only somewhere around four-trillion dollars. I mean it might be fun to portray yourself as a loon, or to do it to get loons to support you. And just for a second to assume that Michelle Bachmann doesn’t believe her own rhetoric and somewhere upstairs there’s a working brain in her empty parking lot of a head, which I know is a hell of an assumption, but she’s paying the price for her own record in the House of Representatives and her own rhetoric.

And just one more thing about Markus Bachmann, Michelle’s gay husband, they are really the last people who should be taking shots at gay people. Since Michelle lives with one and is presumably in love with a gay man. That is one of the oddest marriages I’ve ever seen and I would know living in Washington where we have more than our share of those. But come on, calling “same-sex marriage the number one threat to national security”, when you are married to a gay man and that gay man is married, is a little hard to take seriously. And so are the Bachmann’s about anything, serious.

Trash That Michelle Bachmann Has Said

Trash That Michelle Bachmann Has Said

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