MLB Classics: MLB 1983- MLB World Series-Game 5- Baltimore Orioles @ Philadelphia Phillies: Full Game


Source:MLB Classics– The Orioles unlike in 1979, coming through when it counted the most in 83.

“Baltimore Orioles 5 at Philadelphia Phillies 0, F — Eddie Murray hit a pair of homers and Rick Dempsey added a solo shot to back the five-hit pitching of Scott McGregor as the Orioles wrapped up their first World Series title in 13 years with a 5-0 shutout of the Phillies. Murray and Dempsey hit solo homers off Charles Hudson in the 2nd and 3rd innings, and Murray’s two-run shot in the 4th broke the game open. Al Bumbry drove in Dempsey in the 5th to set the final margin, and McGregor took over from there. Picking up where he left off in Game 1, when he allowed only two runs in eight innings despite taking the loss, McGregor went the distance, striking out six, as the Orioles wrapped up the championship.”

Source: MLB Classics

What makes the 1983 World Series different from the 1979 World Series that the Orioles had a 3-1 series lead over the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1979, as opposed to the Phillies in 83, is the Orioles pitching and their hitting.

The Phillies other than the really the first game of this series, were pretty much shut down offensively in this series. Including getting shut out in-game 5 to clinch the Series for the Orioles. Unlike game 5, 6 and seven in the 79 World Series against the Pirates, the Orioles got all the pitching, key runs and key hits in-game 5 of the 83 Series and for most this World Series as well.

The Phillies had a very solid lineup in 83, but you shut down 3B Mike Schmidt and you could pretty much shut down the Phillies lineup. Then throw in the fact that Joe Morgan their leadoff hitter was forty-years old, Pete Rose is forty-two and their 1B Tony Perez is thirty-nine years old and all of these players being great at one point, but were all at the end of their careers against the Orioles in this series.

As well as the Phillies not having the pitching that the Pirates did in 79. Everything was set up for the Orioles to win the 83 World Series. The only question was, would they come through or not.

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