John Fun: ‘The Tyrone Power and Lana Turner Love Affair- The Man That Got Away’

Tyrone Power & Lana Turner's Love Affair _The Man That Got Away_

Source:John Fun– A typical Hollywood couple and romance: Tyrone Power and Lana Turner. 

“A look at the love affair of film legends, superstars Tyrone Power and Lana Turner’s short lived love affair in the late 1940s. At the height of both of their legendary beauty,, they were considered one of Hollywood’s all time most gorgeous couples, both possessing strong sexual appetites which doomed their romance, since they were incapable of being faithful.”

“When Power found out about Turner;s liasion with another man in New York, he decided to end the relationship with Lana, who was pregnant and brokenhearted, and considered Tyrone the love of her life, and the one who broke her heart(according to her autobiography).”

“Ironcially, Tyrone then married starlet Linda Christian, who played Lana’s maid in the 1947 blockbuster Green Dolphin Street. Judy Garland,who sings The Man that Got Away on the soundtrack was also deeply in love with Tyrone, who also left her pregnant and broken hearted in 1942. There are some shots of Lana and Judy, and also Lana and Tyrone with best friends, respectfully, Ava Gardner and Caeser Romero.”

From John Fun

I don’t know much about Tyrone Power at all and I’m just starting to learn about Lana Turner from her movies and a little documentary footage I’ve seen from her. But from what I’ve seen in this video and what the documentary footage I’ve seen of her so far, this doesn’t seem that surprising to me. Because Lana lived the life of a lot of the characters that she played. A very talented person professionally, but someone with serious issues at home. Some who lived a wild life, with not a lot of discipline and someone prone to controversy and getting into trouble.

So to see why someone as important and successful as Tyrone Power not wanting to marry someone as hot, adorable, sexy and talented as Lana Turner, is not that surprising to me. Especially if Power was a man of discipline and self-worth and someone who knew what was best for him and rational. But again, other than knowing that Tyrone Power was a successful person in Hollywood, I don’t know much about how he lived his life and what he did for Hollywood.

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