Kenneth Lloyd: Video: HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher: How The GOP Imagines Barack Obama


I’m going to try to be careful how I put this and you’ll see, unless you’re blind what I mean by that later on. But go back twenty-years with how hyper-partisans on the Right and the Far-Right viewed Bill Clinton and then compare that today with Barack Obama. And then compare with how America in general views both men then and today and I think you’ll see what I mean in this post. And to take Bill Maher’s point about how the, lets’ say Tea Party, because I think it would be unfair to say the entire GOP is this way, but take Maher’s point that hyper-partisans in the GOP view Barack Obama as someone who they want to see and run against and not the man the rest of the country sees. And you’ll see that he’s right.

But to go back to the 1990s and take Bill Clinton who represents everything that the Traditional Values Coalition, the 1950s wing of the Tea Party hates. Baby Boomer, 1960s, Cultural Revolution, modern man who doesn’t think women’s place is in the home, that they should make that decision for themselves. Pro-equal rights, ran one of if not the most diverse administration’s in American history. As President Clinton put it he had an administration that looked like America. Where not all his members were Anglo-Saxon Northeastern or Southern Protestant men, who were about sixty or over sixty. Bill Clinton represented Modern America and the changing of the guard of the country that the Traditional Values Coalition never wanted to happen.

The same thing with Al Gore in 2000 and John Kerry in 2004, both men from the same generation and similar backgrounds. But the GOP was successful enough to defeat those two men, because the country at that point was still stupid enough to believe that Gore and Kerry were what they are not and would destroy America and replace it with some type of socialist superstate. 2008 changed all of that with more young adults voting more than perhaps ever and with the Traditional Values Coalition dying off then and even more now six-years later, they don’t have the foot soldiers in place to prevent Modern America from not only happening, but taking power in America.

Now move up today with Barack Obama and lets say how the Far-Right views him. Because I can’t see a true center-right Conservative viewing the President in this manner, even though they do have a tone political and policy disagreements with him. But the Far-Right views Barack as an illegal immigrant from Kenya, even though he has a Hawaii birth certificate. When we are talking about extremists it is not facts that count, especially facts that contradict them, but what they can use to hurt their enemies that others will believe. So lets forget about the fact that Barack’s mother was born in Kansas. The Far-Right probably views her as an illegal immigrant, as well as Socialist from France.

It gets worst, because in the Far-Right extremists mind or lack of one with a gaping whole inside of it that you could fit a plane inside, Barack Obama is not only an illegal immigrant, but he’s from Kenya. He’s not an African-American, which would be bad enough for them, but a Native-African in their mind. But it only gets worst, because Barack is also a Muslim according to them, but I’m not done, because Barack is also a Socialist. You’re mistaken if you think I’m done. Barack is a Muslim-Socialist from Kenya and a Native-African from Kenya who illegally immigrated to America and is now President of the United States.

The man the Far-Right sees is not only President of the United States, but was reelected and reelected overwhelmingly with the most diverse group of voters, including Caucasians, Anglo-Saxons and people from these groups who are men, in American history. People who if the Far-Right were in power, wouldn’t be allowed to vote and that is only assuming they would allow them to stay in America and be free. And perhaps not kept in America living in concentration camps under suspicion of being socialist, Muslim and perhaps just Un-American all around. The person that the Far-Right sees in Barack Obama, is the person the rest and most of America doesn’t see. Because that person simply doesn’t exist.
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