Jeff Tsui’s Vlog: Video: The Two George W. Bush’s: George W. Bush as Comedian in Chief

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President George W. Bush is probably the easiest public figure to make fun of and impersonate. He’s a bigger target than a free all you can eat meat lovers buffet at a fat farm. Because he’s been somewhat controversial with his Presidency and I’ll give President Bush credit for one thing, the Bush White House probably had the worst polling operation since political polls or their polling operation was buried so far down in the White House basement, that they couldn’t find it. Because most of the decisions he made as President were not poll driven, but they did what they thought was right.

Myself and about 65% of the rest of the country just disagreed with President Bush most of the time with their handling of the economy, the War on Terror, their deficit spending. But in the interest of time I’ll save you the rest of the grocery list. (Thats about a month supply of groceries) Now again perhaps the Bush White House didn’t take polls, couldn’t read them, understand them, didn’t have someone who could explain them to President Bush in a way he could understand. That a 35% approval rating is not a batting average like in baseball which would be good. But that 60% of the country or more doesn’t like you as President and you wouldn’t get reelected if you ran again.

But George W. Bush provided the country with a mountain of comedic material before he became President when he was running for President back in 1999-2000, he quickly became comedians favorite politician. And won that award for eight straight years from 2000-07, before Sarah Palin came on the scene. (Thanks again John McCain your kick in the ass is in the mail) And now that Michelle Bachmann is on the scene (thanks to Michelle Bachmann) she and Sarah Palin the Dummy Sisters are in a sibling rivalry to determine whose easier to make fun of.

Governor Palin and Representative Bachmann provides comedians more material. (Unintentionally of course) It’s unclear that when GOV. Palin said that you could see Russia from her backyard if she was trying to convince people who made her a foreign policy expert or not. The jury is still out on that one because they still haven’t finished laughing about it. But the fact is that line was very funny, but with GW Bush he’s got almost twelve years of reading material of great jokes. He really should be putting these experiences in books. It’s not an accident that Saturday Night Live named George W. Bush the Man of the Year for 2000, because of all the time and effort their comedy writers were spared having to come up with new material .

Actually GW Bush won that SNL Award eight straight years from 2000-07. Probably my favorite moments about GW Bush at least on SNL, is those Bush-Gore debates from 2000 where they played Bush like a schmuck or an idiot and they played Gore like a snobby elitist (excuse the term) asshole. Where Bush would get a question and he would think it’s too difficult to answer. And he would take that question like he’s on a game show and say pass and Gore would jump in. And say “Jim can I take that question”. Or when Jim Leher asked Gore and Bush to sum up their campaigns in one word. Gore would use that famous term lock box. And Bush would use a word that doesn’t even exist like strategery, playing on the fact that Bush had a tendency to miss pronounce words.

It was like the Bush campaign and Bush Administration were partners in putting on the best comedy show of that era. George W Bush is a mountain of comedic material that comedians and bloggers owe a weekly debt in the form of a paycheck. That we should pay the 43rd President of the United States with proudly (like Socialists pay their taxes) because of all the thinking and work this great man of unintentional humor provided America.

Comedian in Chief 2001-09

Comedian in Chief 2001-09

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