Raw Story: Blog: Arturo Garcia: Bill Maher Slams Berkley Prosters: Who Said You Only Had to Hear What Didn’t Upset You?

Real Time

Real Time

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Raw Story: Blog: Arturo Garcia: Bill Maher Slams Berkley Protesters: “Who Said You Only Had to Hear What Didn’t Upset You?”

Finally someone who calls them self a Liberal other than myself, who of course is a real thing (self-high five for me) who calls people to the left of us the far-left. Because that is exactly what these Berkley Bill Maher protesters represent in America. The far-left and their political correctness movement of “if we don’t like what you have to say, we’ll shut you up, or sure as hell try to shut you up!” Again I’m being nice and they would probably use their free speech rights that apparently only believe they should have and put it stronger than that.

To Bill Maher’s point, what happened to the free speech movement at Berkley? The hell with the political correctness movement that perhaps has replaced the free speech movement at Berkley that is supposed to be some champion of liberalism. I want to know what happened to the free speech movement at Berkley of the 1960s and the Baby Boom Generation there. And as far as Ben Affleck, here’s another opportunity to have fun with his logic (if you have to call it that) when it comes to racism. Islam is of course not a race, but a religion Big Ben. If you don’t believe me, ask Reza Aslam.

Liberals believe in free speech and if you only support free speech that you support, please remove the liberal label from your chest voluntarily, or I might rip it off for you. Free speech is not just speech you agree with. It is also speech that you may not like and it might be speech that you not only not like, but is accurate and goes against whatever ideological argument that you are trying to make. Which is what are called inconvenient facts or the inconvenient truth. To paraphrase Al Gore.

Bill Maher understands these things and so do real Liberals who truly live up to liberal values with free speech being at the top. It is not called the First Amendment because speech won some lottery and the Founding Fathers the Founding Liberals knew exactly how important free speech was. Which is why they made it the First Amendment. And if you don’t believe in the First Amendment, even if you support all of the other liberal values, you come up way too short to be a Liberal.

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