Salon: Opinion: Jeffrey Taylor: Reza Aslam’s Atheism Problem: “Fundamentalists Aren’t the Issue, Apologists For Religions Are”

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Salon: Opinion: Jeffrey Taylor: Reza Aslam’s Atheism Problem: Fundamentalists Atheists Aren’t the Problem, Apologists For Religions Are

Jeffrey Taylor makes a good and I would argue real Atheist argument against religion. Even though he writes for Salon, (ha ha) he didn’t use his article to bash Christianity. But to say that all religions have serious issues more or less and that is a big reason why he doesn’t believe in religion. Which has been my whole point and is my whole point about religion and a big reason why I’m Agnostic. That religions are too restrictive for my more liberal outlook on life as someone who wants to and lives openly. And religions tend to be followed by people who don’t understand their religion and do horrible things as a result.

There are good people of all faiths and I doubt anyone serious disagrees with that. And yes there are radicals probably in all religions that give that religion a bad name. But the problem is there are enough radicals to not only give Christianity and Islam a bad name, but to do a lot of damage to society and other societies that hurt a lot of people. Including people who follow the same religion and follow that religion incorrectly and do horrible things in the name of their religion. Even though their religion does not sanction their horrible acts.

I’m not saying that religion is bad and that all religions are bad and dangerous. That is where I would probably separate from Sam Harris and I’ve backed him several times on this blog the last few weeks. It is people who don’t understand the religion that they follow, including religious leaders that don’t follow the religion they follow. And lead that inspire people to do horrible things that is the problem. And something that is going to have to be addressed if the Middle East is ever to become a stable place where people can live in peace and live good lives.

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