Oak Park Studio: Video: CNN’s Crossfire Discusses Dan Rather-George H.W. Bush Tiff on CBS

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What Dan Rather wanted Vice President George H.W. Bush to talk about in their 1988 interview was what did the Vice President know about Iran Contra. Which was a situation that happened in the Ronald Reagan Administration where George Bush was obviously Vice President the 1st Officer and General Counsel to President Reagan. A member of President Reagan’s National Security Council with deep knowledge about national security and foreign policy.

Common sense tells you that Vice President Bush knew about the Reagan policy when it came to Iran Contra, which was about selling arms for the release of American hostages in Iran. Why, because the Vice President you would think again with his resume and position in the Reagan Administration. So when Dan Rather asks the Vice President about those meetings and Vice President Bush says he doesn’t recall being there instead of saying he was or he wasn’t, you could see why Rather wouldn’t take that answer at face-value and try dig deeper into what the Vice President may of knew.

That interview was about Dan Rather trying to get the Vice President to talk about Iran Contra. For obvious reasons the Vice President didn’t want to talk about it. Because if he did, some embarrassing information about either him or President Reagan may have come out like both of them knowing more than they earlier admitted to. And it would’ve given the Democrats even more things to hit Vice President Bush with as he was running for President in 1988.

Vice President George H.W. Bush

Vice President George H.W. Bush

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