CBS Evening News: St. Patrick’s Day 1977

Source:The New Democrat

I was well sixteen months old on St. Patrick’s Day 1977. So to state the obvious, I don’t remember it. My memory starts really in the summer of 1978 when I’m three years old and right before I started nursery school that year. But I’m obviously interested in American history as this blog makes that clear and part of that history has to do with news history and what broadcast news looked like back then and the stories they covered and how they covered them.

What the CBS Evening News was covering on this day in 1977 was a lot of bad weather. America had a pretty long and brutal winter in 1977 and this was just a few days before spring officially started that year and winter was still happening for most of the Northeast and Midwest, but the Mountain West and Northwest as well. They also looked at what I at least from what I saw looked like a cult. Which wasn’t an uncommon thing back then even by the late 1970s. So it looked like an interesting day.

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