The Weed Blog: Opinion: Johnny Green: Debunking The White House’s Response to The New York Times: What The White House Gets Wrong About Marijuana Legalization

The Weed Blog: Opinion: Johnny Green: Debunking The White House’s Response to The New York Times

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I’ve written several posts this year already about why the drug warriors have lost the War on Drugs especially when it comes to marijuana. So here’s another one and this one comes thanks to the White House because they are using the same old tired lame arguments that drug warriors have used forever.

Lets concede that marijuana is not good for juveniles. Lets concede that people who are driving should not be high before they get behind the wheel. Lets concede that there is and would be an underground meaning black market for marijuana even if it is legalized. I can answer these points with two words. So what! No I’m not taking those issues lightly or laughing at them. But the same issues come with both tobacco and alcohol which are both legal narcotics in this country. As far as the black market, that argument can be made about every product that is legal in this country. Because we have people who do not like paying taxes so they pay and sell products under the door.

If you want to lock people up for something that is dangerous we would end up with a country of convicts. We have countless number of products from junk food to soft drinks to caffeine to firearms to alcohol and tobacco. That are all potentially dangerous if they are either over consumed, or used incorrectly. Yet they are all legal because we’ve made decisions as a country that locking people up for simply doing something to themselves that comes with bad risks is something that we can’t afford and not a country that we want to be.

There has yet to be a study that has been published that shows marijuana consumption whether it is used responsibly or over consumed is more dangerous than any of those other legal products that come with serious risks is they are used correctly or incorrectly. Yet marijuana is illegal at the Federal level and those other products are regulated and taxed. And why? Could it be because those other industries have very effective lobbying machines and marijuana is just getting started and will be legal in either your state, or a state near you in the near future? I would love an answer to that question.

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