The Young Turks: Cenk Uygur:- ‘Bill O’Reilly Looks Sane Next to Laura Ingraham’

I disagree with Cenk Uygur on at least one thing here. Bill O’Reilly is not that much of a radical, or Neo-Con on immigration either for political reasons, or in general. He is actually in favor of some type of legal status for the 10-15 million undocumented immigrants in this country. Cenk seems to think that is just for political reasons. Fine, but O’Reilly makes a good point here that he shared with Laura Ingraham who was a roommate of Michelle Bachmann and Ann Coulter at the nuthouse. When O’Reilly said that “if the GOP takes this draconian approach towards illegal immigrants, they’re done”.

Why he says that because he’s read the polls and sees the changing demographics. Today’s Republican Party is an Anglo-Saxon Protestant male party that is located primarily in the South and to a certain extent in the Midwest. And rural areas in the Mountain West. With the libertarian-right that doesn’t have much influence over the GOP Leadership when it comes to policy at least as it relates to social issues, immigration and foreign policy.

The GOP is not even a Caucasian party even though Anglo-Saxons are Caucasian. But an Anglo-Saxon party with other non-Protestant Caucasian ethnics tending to be Democrats or Independents. The Neo-cons in the GOP want to keep the GOP the way it is at all costs even if that means everyone else becoming Democrats. So instead of looking for ways to reach out to their non-traditional base of the party and the elected officials in their back pockets look for ways to prevent non-Republicans from voting, or even coming into the country. Bogus Voter ID laws and mass deportations are a couple of examples of that.

If the GOP Leadership tries to do what Laura Ingraham suggested that they do in this video and they do it before the elections this year, we’ll see Democrats win back the House and hold the Senate. Why, because that would bring the Latin-American vote out for Democrats who normally do not vote in large numbers in mid-terms voting for Democrats. It would probably bring African-Americans out to vote as well again another population that doesn’t tend to vote heavy in mid-terms. Bill O’Reilly is smart enough to understand that, Laura Ingraham is off of her medication apparently and doesn’t get it.

Off Her Med’s


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