Washington Examiner: Morning Examiner: Mark Tapscott: Is Banning Fringe Views How Leftists Want to Deal With Conservatives?

Washington Examiner: Morning Examiner: Mark Tapscott: Is Banning Fringe Views How Leftists Want to Deal With Conservatives?

It is really Conservatives and the far-right that get’s stereotyped and accused of being fascists. And that is true to the extent that there is plenty of right-wing fascism in the world and even in America. We see that with the Tea Party especially in 2011-12 and even today that seem to have this view that you either live their traditional way of life and share their traditional view of what America is, (which is stuck in the 1950s) or you are not a real American.

But fascism is unfortunately bipartisan and not something that the Left can bash the Right over with no real fascist charges on our side. This blog has covered a few posts alone this year about leftist fascists. One dealing with leftists on campus trying to ban rightists from speaking at their schools. Another one even more extreme than that having to do with Fred Jerome’s article in Salon back in January or February having to do with nationalizing FOX News because of the success that FNC especially has had as a right-wing voice. And even nationalizing news all together in America. So so-called Progressives could tell the truth.

But my point especially directly to the right-wing America whether they are Conservatives or not is that these leftists fascists aren’t Liberals as they tend to be called. But people who are on the far-left in America where fascism not only exists, but Socialists, or even Communists or Anarchists on the far-left who see fascism as a necessary tool to create their vision of a fair and equal America, or however they would put that. And for them to accomplish their goals they feel the need to destroy right-wingers even by forcing them to shut up through government force.

The fact is you can’t be a Liberal and a fascist. It is one or the other because there is nothing liberal about fascism. Liberals not only believe in the First Amendment and Free Speech, but we created these things for crying out loud. And wouldn’t do anything especially through government to shut up the opposition. Other than by winning the debates, but with both sides having equal opportunity to make their case. And there are some on the Right especially in the Tea Party that are so damn partisan and hate anyone who disagrees with them that they simply can’t believe and handle that.

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