The Daily Conversation: Video: President Obama at the 2014 White House Correspondents Dinner

I’m glad that President Obama can laugh at the year that he had in 2013 and perhaps the White House Correspondents Dinner might be the only platform where he can. Because it was really one of the worst years at least in my memory (all thirty-eight years) that a second-term president has had in his first year as a second-term president. I mean you have to go back to 2005 with President George W. Bush or even before I was born in 1973 with President Richard Nixon who was dealing with Watergate.

I like President Obama’s line about CNN where he said “that now I have to go to Malaysia to get attention from CNN”. Because CNN is too busy covering airplane crashes and missing passengers who probably drowned in the ocean. To actually cover real news. Like I don’t know millions of Americans who didn’t have health insurance now have it. Or the situation in Ukraine or the economy with the new jobs figures. “Wait we can’t report those things because those issues are real news and Americans are only interested in what is not important but what is sexy”.

The President also had a good line about MSNBC. “Glad to see MSNBC here which is probably seeing the biggest audience that they’ve ever had”. MSNBC another so-called news network that doesn’t have the resources to cover real news even though they are owned by NBC News one of the largest news divisions in the world. Which is why their ratings are south of the toilet because they do not report on things that a large percentage of the country is actually interested in and that is important.


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