Thom Hartmann: Dr. Ravi Batra: A Revolution is Coming!

Source:The New Democrat

Just an editor’s note: I watched about seventeen-minutes of this video and didn’t hear a damn thing about any revolution.  Actually seventeen minutes before I started writing about this video and continued to watch it while I was blogging.

I’m getting tired of hearing these bold predictions about ending unemployment in a year or two, as in Dr. Ravi Batra’s case, or even ten years.  These predictions are worth as much as a paper cup of creek water. You would only drink that if you were dying of thirst and had nothing else to drink.  We need to be talking about bringing unemployment down to historic levels, between 5-6 percent, since the late 1980s and getting back to the size of workforce that we had back in 2006-07.

To do that we need Congressional action.  We need to finally get back to rebuilding our infrastructure. We moved away from that in the early 2000s and have fallen deeply behind as a result. We need more access to job training and education for our low-skilled, low-income adult population.  We need to get companies to invest in those communities.  We need a real national energy policy built around producing American natural resources which create jobs inside of the United States.

We need, as well, to lower taxes on all investments and profits made inside of the United States, along with eliminating corporate welfare, so that more companies, domestic and foreign, would be encouraged to invest and make money in America.  This would get us back to strong economic growth of three-percent or more and create 200-300 thousand jobs a month with a falling unemployment rate, debt, and deficit.  Our economy would be headed back to full strength.

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