Liberty Pen: Video: FBN’s John Stossel: Technically That’s Illegal: Rules and Regulations That do Not Make Sense

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Good rule for government: Don’t propose new rules unless you actually understand your current rules and are able to enforce them.  That might seem obvious but, in a lot of cases, that’s what makes government inefficient.  The rule books are not understandable, even by the people whom taxpayers pay to enforce them.  There are so many rules that some of them are unenforced because of lack of resources.

The Obama Administration gets stereotyped as a proponent of big government, overtaxation, and over regulation, but they’ve decided, led by Attorney General Eric Holder, that they aren’t going to enforce marijuana prohibition on using and possessing small amounts.  They are going to enforce the prohibition on selling marijuana only in states where it is illegal.  They are doing this to conserve resources for use in higher priority areas of law enforcement.

The U.S. tax code is another great example of runaway regulation.  It gets bigger every year but the IRS budget and personnel are either flat or contracting.  I’m not looking to increase the size of the Internal Revenue but they are only human and there’s a limit to what they can do. So if you are in government, make sure that you understand your proposed new rules and that the people who’ll have to enforce them understand them as well.


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