American Thinker: Opinion- Trevor Thomas: Bill Maher, High Priest: Morality in America

American Thinker: Opinion: Trevor Thomas: Bill Maher, High Priest

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This subject is the perfect example of why we still need the Fourth Amendment our Right to Privacy in America. Because imagine if the Religious-Right or the Far-Right in general was in charge in the United States. And we didn’t have the Right to Privacy and how much of their big government agenda they would be able to get through. And being able to outlaw any type of behavior even among consenting adults that isn’t hurting anyone. Without the United States Constitution to stop them.

Morality it get’s to what is your position of morality. For me it is about good behavior and how we treat each other. And for me moral behavior would be to treat people the way you want to be treated. Most of us are good people so we would treat people the way we want them to treat us. Unless we simply do not like them and could care less what they think of us or how they would treat us in response. But even with people like that, we generally do not intentionally hurt people especially if we have better things to do. And are good productive people who aren’t going to be worried about what some jerk is doing.

The liberal tradition of morality is about how we treat each other as people. But even as kids we tend to be raised regardless of our parents ideology to treat people well the way we would want to be treated. And we tend to learn these things as kids and that is how we are able to make friends and work with other people. Because we treat people well and in a moral way and we do not hurt people intentionally. Especially if they are innocent people.

But if you are on the Religious-Right or the Far-Right in general, morality is not just about how we treat each other, but how we live our own lives as individuals. How we live individually and even if we aren’t hurting anyone, even ourselves we could be viewed by the Far-Right as either immoral or involved in immoral behavior when it comes to activities they disapprove. Homosexuality, adultery, gambling, drinking, smoking, using illegal drugs, pornography, are just some of the examples of activities that the Far-Right would like to outlaw in the United States. Because they see these things as immoral.

If you are a Liberal you believe that government should mind their own business. And allow the people to mind their business. Instead of government getting in the way and telling free adults how they should live their own lives. But for the Religious-Right there is no such thing as individual behavior at least as it relates to personal issues and that all of these things are the public’s business meaning government’s, in order to have a moral code that protects everyone even from themselves.

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