Ed Sullivan Show: Jim Morrison & The Doors- Light My Fire (1967)

The Doors Light My Fire Ed Sullivan 1967

Source:Ed Sullivan Show– Jim Morrison and The Doors, on Ed Sullivan in 1967.

“The Doors Light My Fire Ed Sullivan 1967. I do not own this video.”

Jim Morrison

Source:Ed Sullivan Show– The Leather King Jim Morrison, on Ed Sullivan in 1967.

From Kil Matic

Good reason not to wear skin-tight leather jeans on national TV when you aren’t sober. As Jim Morrison did on a regular basis for visual effect and he wanted especially women checking him out.

But the risk is you end up showing more of yourself than you perhaps intended. Especially when you get excited and you are right there for the whole world to see.

Unless no one actually saw The Lizard King go out on stage right before he went out and especially saw him up front and perhaps noticed something about his pants that his, well his thing (lets say) was sticking out and he had a boner sticking out of his leather jeans, or Morrison got excited as he was already on stage and perhaps saw a sexy woman or something, for the life of me I can’t figure why someone didn’t walk up to Morrison and say: “Uh Jim, you should go to the bathroom or back to the dressing room before you go out on national TV. Because you have a boner sticking out of your pants that everyone is going to see on national TV.”

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