GI Bomber: MLB 1993- ESPN Wednesday Night Baseball- Texas Rangers @ Anaheim Angels: 9/17/1993

Nolan Ryan last strikeout Texas Rangers at California Angels 1993 09 17

Source:GI Bomber– Texas Rangers pitcher Nolan Ryan, pitching against the Anaheim Angels in 1993 and being rewarded by the Angels fans for his great career.

“The ESPN telecast started in the 3rd inning. I was there. It took me 20 years to find out this game broadcast. History at his best. 62.000 fans on a friday nigtht : we didn’t know that was going to be the LAST strikeout of Nolan Ryan’s career (at min 30.40 of this video). And how bout the nice move of Rangers manager Kevin Kennedy, who sends Ryan to the mound in the bottom of the 8th, only to take him out after the warm up tosses, for one of the greatest standing ovation I’ve ever seen (Around 1h.23min of this video) Greatest memory I have in sports.”

From GI Bomber

Nolan Ryan, what forty-six years old and still a very effective starting pitcher at this point and pitching his last game ver. Capping off a great twenty-five year career.

Not saying Nolan Ryan was the best pitcher, or the most dominant pitcher of all-time, but when he was on, he was those things, at least as far as what I’ve seen. He was generally very good, but not always great and have some games where he would become somewhat hittable and give up big hits and home runs.

When Nolan Ryan was on, I believe he was the most dominant pitcher I’ve ever seen and the most dominant for the longest time. A twenty-five year, you know and how many bad seasons did he have.

I just wish his last game was against a better team and it had something to do with who was going to win the AL West in 1993. But the Rangers who did have a good season in 93, finished eight games out of first place behind the Chicago White Sox.

And the Anaheim Angels, finished tied for fifth place in the AL West and only winning seventy-one games. And in the Rangers case 1993 is pre-wildcard, so you had to win your division to make the playoffs in the American League or National League. And the Rangers being this far out of first place at this point of the season, meant this was their last game.

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