Ricola: Video: CBS Sports: NBA 1987-4/5-Boston Celtics @ Philadelphia 76ers: Full Game


First of all, the 76ers pregame show, a classic for me, because of those Philly accents. I was cracking up listening to those guys. But as far as this game, 1987 was a transition season for the 76ers. And 76ers fans might tell you it was the next chapter in the fall of the Philadelphia 76ers. After trading both Moses Malone and Terry Catledge, two solid big men with a lot of potential for them. In Moses’s case, I believe one of the top five centers of all-time. Trading Moses and Catledge to the Bullets for two guys who didn’t play much for the 76ers. Jeff Ruland, who was never the same after the 1985 season, when he was an All Star center. And Cliff Robinson who didn’t play much for the 76ers.

The 76ers championship days were over after the 86 season. They traded Moses and Catledge and then Julius Erving retires after the 87 season. Leaving the 76ers with just Charles Barkley as their only great player. And they were never able to be more than a second round playoff club with Sir Charles as their leader on the court. They never had a great head coach with him and never had great talent around them. Trading Moses told 76ers fans that championships were too expensive to play for and that they’ll just pay to win enough to make the NBA Playoffs and perhaps have a shot at advancing. If they are not playing the Boston Celtics, Milwaukee Bucks, Detroit Pistons or Chicago Bulls in the first round.

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