The Social Design: The Doctor Wives 1971- Dyan Cannon: The Card Game

Dyan Cannon

Source:The Social Design– Hollywood Goddess Dyan Cannon, in The Doctors Wives, from 1971.

Source:The Daily Times 

“Sassy, sexy Dyan Cannon at the country club card table, keeping the other wives nervous. From the 1971 film “Doctors’ Wives”, directed by George Shaefer. Starring Dyan Cannon, Richard Crenna, Carroll O’Connor, Gene Hackman, and quite a few others. Produced by Frankovitch Productions. This is not my material, I am just a fan. No infringement intended.”

From The Social Design 

Dyan Cannon is one of my favorite sexy babies all time. And not just because she’s baby-face adorable, hot and with a real nice body. Even though all of those things are true, but she’s also very funny especially when she is so cute personally and she can also act.

This scene from The Doctors Wives is a pretty good example of that. These women are all married to big shot doctors who also happen to be workaholics. Who are perhaps more in love with their jobs than their wives.

The men and women are supposed to be playing cards. But Dyan or her character is horny and feels the need or craving for sex. And knows her fellow players are not satisfied with their husbands. And thinks it might be their fault that their husbands don’t spend a lot of time with them. And offers to have sex with all the men to show the women what they’re doing wrong with their men.

A very funny scene with a very funny adorable sexy hot actress, Dyan Cannon.

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