Golden Cyber: Wonder Woman- Defeated by The Pied Piper

Wonder Women Stopped by Disco Music

Source: The New Democrat Plus – Wonder Woman, stopped by Disco Music

Source:Real Life Journal Plus

Its kind of hard for me to imagine someone as strong as Wonder Baby, I mean Wonder Woman could be defeated by, well disco music. You would think someone strong enough to knock down brick walls and jump up on tall buildings and beat up 300 pound men, would be strong enough to take on disco music. Without falling asleep.

Wait, I guess disco music was really that bad. And perhaps boring enough to literally knock people out. Even wonder goddess’ like Wonder Woman. Perhaps disco was to Wonder Woman what kryptonite was to Superman. Yeah, maybe the Pied Piper was the only one in the history of the Wonder Woman TV series to discover Women Woman’s weakness. Which is really bad music that puts her to sleep.

She might be strong enough to tackle bears and stop speeding cars with he bare hands from the outside, but disco music will bring her down to size.

Golden Cyber: Wonder Woman- Defeated By a Nazi Wonder Woman

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