Joey Teefizz: Video: Sockers TV: MISL 1983-11/05/82-San Diego Sockers @ St. Louis Steamers: Highlights

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Two of the best franchises in the history of the Major Indoor Soccer League and pro arena soccer in general regardless of which league you want to talk about. And there have been several pro arena soccer leagues in America, which I believe has been one of the reasons why the sport hasn’t caught on and become a major pro sport by now. The Sockers are sort of like the Los Angeles Lakers of the MISL. And the Steamers are like the Boston Celtics or Philadelphia 76ers, franchises with long histories of winning and playing for league championships. And they’ve both been so successful winning so many championships each, because they play this sport the way it should be played. Both on offense and defense. Moving the ball on offense and constantly attacking, while at the same time playing with discipline so they aren’t hurt defensively. And with solid goaltending as well.
St. Louis Checkerdome

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