Classic Vol Video: ESPN: FBS 1992-Hall of Fame Bowl-Boston Eagles @ Tennessee Volunteers: Full Game

The Daily Journal

An interesting coaching matchup with Tom Coughlin of Boston who would later lead the expansion Jacksonville Jaguars to the 1996 NFL Playoffs, including the 1996 AFC Championship and the 1999 AFC Championship. But before Jacksonville, he rebuilt the Boston Eagles football program. That hadn’t been very good at all since Doug Flutie left in 1985. And of course Coughlin goes on to the New York Giants and has won two Super Bowls and probably headed to the Pro Football Hall of Fame by the time he retires. And of course Phil Fulmer at Tennessee who took over for the great Johnny Majors in Knoxville and would lead the Volunteers to the first ever BCS National Championship in 1998 and win the first ever BCS National Championship. The year after Peyton Manning left for the NFL. So two very well coached teams at great schools playing in each other in a bowl game.

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