Donnie Mossberg: Video: New York City Public Radio’s Interview of Malcolm x, March 10, 1960

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This interview was very important because Malcolm X was being interviewed about one of the key aspects that he preached about during his movement. Which was African-American identity and what it means to be an American of African descent. The term African-American became popular or mainstream in America in the early 1990s. Before that Americans of African descent were called Black or Negro by non-racists as well as African-Americans themselves.

But the term African-American or Afro-American was actually introduced in America by Malcolm X and his movement in the early 1960s. Which is the term I use to talk about or describe Americans of African descent. Because Black along with White or Brown or Olive are colors and not races. A race is a group of people who originally come from a certain part of the world. Made up of similar ethnicities that of course aren’t the same, but share similar characteristics. Like Asian or African, European, Middle Eastern to use as examples. But colors are a way to describe one’s complexion and not race. At least that’s how I look at it.
Malcolm X

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