WBAL-TV: Video: Maryland Casino Begins 24-Hour Operation

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WBAL-TV: News: Vote Allows Maryland Casinos to Stay Open 24-Hours

Legalize gambling is here in the Free State of Maryland and will be a big economic benefit, if its regulated and taxed properly. Because of the jobs it will create and we are talking about good jobs that will allow for people to more than pay for their cost of living in Maryland which is a high cost of living state for several reasons. And most of them good, but also because of the new tax revenue that it will generate and bring people into the State of Maryland.

All of this new economic and tax revenue is money that Maryland won’t have to try to generate in new taxes. Especially on middle class hard-working Marylanders who don’t need to pay more in taxes. And Maryland won’t have to raise new taxes on Maryland business’s and those business’s will be able to stay in Maryland and keep those jobs in Maryland and Maryland won’t lose jobs as a result.

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