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Barry Kibrick: ‘Love Your Mistakes’

“Mistakes are your best assets. They hone your skills and develop your creativity. Don’t be afraid to make them, the more the merrier.” From Barry Kibrick Eric Metaxas the right-wing author and radio talk show host, once said when he was … Continue reading

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Skeptic Magazine: Michael Shermer Interviewing Amy Alkon- ‘Unfuckology: A Field Guide To Living With Guts and Confidence’

Source: The New Democrat “In this unique conversation Michael Shermer talks with the science writer and weekly advice columnist Amy Alkon about her new book, Unf*ckology: A Field Guide to Living with Guts and Confidence. She calls her book a … Continue reading

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Lauren Bacall: ‘I Speak The Truth’

Source:AZ Quotes– Hollywood Goddess Lauren Bacall. Source:The Daily Review “Very few people want to hear the truth. Bogie was like that, my mother was like that, and I’m like that. I believe in the truth, and I believe in saying … Continue reading

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