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A&E: Investigative Reports- JFK’s Sexual Appetite

Source:The New Democrat 1960 might have been the last time that John F. Kennedy could have even ran for president. Even if he lived a normal life in years, because by 1968 or so the media was no longer afraid … Continue reading

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The Film Archives: Seymour Hersh- The Truth Behind JFK

My like and respect for Jack Kennedy goes to his intelligence, his politics, his policies, what he wanted to do as President. I’m a Liberal Democrat because of JFK and when I learned about his politics and philosophy, I started … Continue reading

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Discovery: Rivals- Jackie Kennedy vs. Marilyn Monroe

Source: Discovery: Rivals- Jackie Kennedy vs. Marilyn Monroe I’ve made this point before, but the more I read about Marilyn Monroe and the more documentaries I’ve seen about her this point just becomes even more true and this video is just … Continue reading

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Xive TV: Video: Pure History Specials, JFK’s Women: The Scandals Revealed

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger If the media back then reported on public officials private lives as they do today, John F. Kennedy never becomes President of the United States. JFK was Bill Clinton … Continue reading

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