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Big Think: Kurt Andersen- ‘Why America Confuses Fantasy For Reality- Celebrity, Hollywood & Disneyland

Source:The New Democrat  “The start of the 20th century was the birth of a strange new reality in the United States. The advent of the moving image, of Hollywood and sudden celebrity, caused a quantum shift in how Americans thought … Continue reading

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Joel Sanderson: Video: James Gunn Interviews Rod Serling in 1970 on TV Writing

. I should admit, I’m not a big science fiction fan, especially science fiction of the last 10-15 years. I can watch The Twilight Zone and even Thriller that is now on Me-TV, perhaps the best classic TV network in … Continue reading

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Cineview: Video: The Mike Wallace Interview: Rod Serling From The Twilight Zone, From 1959

. Rod Serling is obviously famous for The Twilight Zone and that he created it and he created Thriller as well and several other shows. But what I believe is his mark on Hollywood is that he gave millions of … Continue reading

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