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Bruce Hornsby & Tupac Shakur: Video: The Way it is: A Story of African-American Life

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger I love this Bruce Hornsby song and the Malcolm X intro makes the video a classic. With Malcolm asking his audience and I’m paraphrasing here. “Who are you? Where … Continue reading

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The Book Archive: Video: Brian Lamb Interviewing Cal Thomas: Contemporary America: Condemning Culture, Media and Modern America

Cal Thomas standing up for traditional Anglo-Saxon America when Anglo-Saxons and to me that is people of British descent were essentially running the country both culturally and politically. People on the religious and cultural right in America who tend to … Continue reading

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Crash Course: Video: John Green: The 1960s in America: Crash Course US History

It would be impossible to write out and cover the entire 1960s decade in one blog post. For one I wasn’t born in the decade and didn’t live in the decade at any point. I was born in 1975 which … Continue reading

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Townhall: Opinion: Terry Jeffrey: Pat Buchanan’s Chronicles of the 1960s: The Greatest Comeback

Richard & Pat Nixon & Nelson Rockefeller Townhall: Opinion: Terry Jeffrey: Pat Buchanan’s Chronicles of the 1960s When it comes to Richard Nixon’s political career at least pre-White House I’m mostly interested in his career from 1961 after he just … Continue reading

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Democracy Now: Video: Gloria Richardson Looks Back at the Rift Between Malcolm X & Martin L. King

This post was originally posted at FRS FreeStateNow on WordPress I believe the main difference between Malcolm X and Dr. King had to do with different approaches. Dr. King’s approach was slower because it involved more people, more negotiating and … Continue reading

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