CNN: Rosemary Church: ‘Thousands Demand Freedom in Cuba’s Largest Demonstration in Decades’

CNN_ Rosemary Church- 'Thousands Demand Freedom in Cuba's Largest Demonstration in Decades'Source:CNN– Cubans protesting against their Communist Regime.

Source:The New Democrat

“Thousands have gathered in Cuba to protest a lack of freedom and the country’s worsening economic situation in the largest mass demonstration in decades. CNN’s Patrick Oppmann reports from Havana.”

From CNN

This post is really about Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Alexandria O. Cortez, and other so-called Democratic Socialists in Congress (House and Senate) and their lack of any response about Cubans protesting against their Communist Regime.

If you really are a Democratic Socialist, then protesting not just against Communists and communism should be very easy for you. Perhaps not politically, especially with your Far-Left, but objectively and philosophically if you are what’s called a Democratic Socialist, you should even want to speak out against Communist regimes and their failures, as well as oppression, because you are supposed to believe in democratic socialism or social democracy, but not Marxist or Leninist-Communism.

The reason why so-called Democratic Socialists get lumped in with Communists, is because when Americans tend to think of Socialists, they tend to think of Cuba and Venezuela in the West, and the People’s Republic of China in the East and the Soviet Union of Russia during the Cold War. They don’t think of the social democracies like in Britain or in Scandinavia.

But what you get from Senator Sanders and Representative Cortez (the two leading Socialists in Congress) is that they rather talk about anything else other than the failures of communism in Cuba or in Senator Sanders case, he blames the failures and shortages in Cuba on anything and anyone else than the Communist Castro Regime in Cuba. Even though they call themselves Democratic Socialists.

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