Perfect Life: ’30 Vintage Ads That Would Be Banned Today’


Source:Perfect Life– Maybe she can wash her own hands as well. LOL

“Sometimes, vintage ads are cool to look at. They can provide us a window into what was popular during a time we didn’t experience, or what people were interested in purchasing before we were around to hit the stores.

Other times, vintage ads are confusing and slightly terrifying. This is one of those times.

The 30 advertisements below are some of the most bizarre, perplexing we’ve seen – and we’ve seen some bad ones before.Check out the creepfest below – #11 might show up in your nightmares tonight.”

From Perfect Life

I don’t have kids (knock on wood) but I could just imagine if one of my nieces or nephew were drinking 7 Up, or some type of cola when they were 7-8 years old or even younger and how much of a nightmare they would be on that much sugar and caffeine. We’re talking about kids who would break down over the smallest things back then, like getting one less cookie than their brother or sister.

And a lot of these other commercials look like commercials from The Onion: “Is your baby really hyper and causing you a lot of stress? If so, give them a smoke and that will really calm them down.” I understand that businesses need to make money,  but how about truth in advertising and even common decency when it comes to your advertising.

As far as the ads dealing with male-female relationships: the 1950s and before that is not even the 21st Century, but the midpoint of the 20th Century. So obviously their standards for American cultural standards are a lot different from what are’s are today.

Back then men were supposed to be dominant and women were supposed to be servants of their men. That’s just the way American life was back then and to try to hold the people back then accountable for what’s supposed to be acceptable and unacceptable today, doesn’t make any sense to me.

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