George Carlin: On Pro-Life

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Source:HBO– Part of George Carlin’s 1997 HBO special?

Source:The New Democrat 

“George Carlin Back in town”

Source:HBO: George Carlin- On Pro-Life

I’m aware that writing satire about abortion is risky, so before someone feels the need to point that out to me, I just thought that I lay out that I already know that. But with the Alabama antiabortion law this week, I feel the need to mention this and even use humor to do that, because of how hypocritical and frankly dishonest people who say they’re pro-life are on this issue. They’re just asking for a verbal ass kicking on this issue. It’s almost as if they’re walking up to me and begging me to set them straight on this.

Hearing someone who says they’re pro-life on abortion and pro-life in general, even though they don’t seem to give a damn ( to be kind ) about kids being shot in school, or at least not to the point that they’re willing to do a damn thing about it, is like hearing some so-called pro-choice leftist who is really only pro-choice on abortion and perhaps a couple other issues, even though they want big government telling people what they can do on practically every other personal choice issue everything from gambling to what people can eat and drink.

Being pro-choice on abortion, doesn’t make you pro-choice: it just means you’re pro-choice on one issue. And how pro-choice you are in general, depends on what your positions are on a whole host of other issues. And being pro-life on abortion, doesn’t make you pro-life if you believe that mentally handicapped and criminally insane people have a constitutional right to a firearm and easy access to our schools in this country. It just means that you are antiabortion.

When someone claims they’re pro-life because they oppose abortion, try to find out how pro-life they are and ask about a how they feel about a whole host of other life issues and not just firearms, but the lives of low-income children who are stuck in awful schools and everything else: what’s life like for poor children in this country and do they care at all about those kids, or do they stop caring once those kids are born.

If there is anyone or anything that American politics and politicians are good for, it’s the media, including comedians, especially satirists who get to make their living on reporting about dishonest and hypocritical our politicians are and stupid our people are who continue to vote for the same crooks and liars to continue to represent them in government.

I guess it takes an asshole to know another asshole and if you are an asshole, why wouldn’t you have anyone else other than asshole representing you: actually, why would an asshole deserve anyone better than another asshole representing them in government. American politics and government is garbage in and garbage out. And the people who give us our taxpayer funded garbage are the voters themselves. And this Alabama antiabortion story is a perfect example of that.

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